Plantagenet Family Health Team

During her session, Kate's unique blend of humor and insight provided a refreshing perspective that was much needed for our team, which had been facing significant challenges. Her ability to lighten the mood and make us laugh enabled us to see our circumstances in a new light, reducing stress and fostering a more positive and balanced outlook. Kate emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced perspective, both professionally and personally. Her strategies for incorporating humor into our daily routines were not only practical but also impactful. The positive effects of her presentation have been evident in our team dynamics and individual well-being. Kate has made a positive impact on our team. Her session was not just informative but transformative, and we are grateful for the valuable lessons she imparted. I highly recommend Kate to any organization looking to enhance their team's resilience and overall outlook through the power of humor. Sincerely, Caroline Prévost (elle/she/her)  
Kate Davis
I want to thank you so much for coming out and speaking for us and making our conference such a great success.