Summer Vacation

As the school bell rings and the screams of joy come bellowing out through the doors into the playground it dawns on me, even though I knew it was coming, that another school year is over. I started stressing about the summer early April. What will I do with them for 2 months, for 67 days, for 1608 hours!!

I began asking other parents what their plans were with their kids for the summer. One mom told me her kids unfortunately were going to summer school, I’m thinking that’s great, you won’t have to pay for camp. I was determined to send my six year old to camp. But every camp I looked into was at least a couple of hundred dollars a week. To send all three of them for the entire summer is almost as much as a down payment on a house or car. I don’t remember camp being so complicated, rock climbing camp, sport camps, Go-Kart camps, skateboard camps, cooking camps, what do you want to specialize in at camp? Or the Sesame Street classic, Camp-Wanna-Go-Homa. In my days I went to camp, canoed, played “Capture the Flag” and sang camp songs. My oldest daughter just wants to sleep in. I like that, I want to sleep in, but I have to get up and do the endless morning rush of making lunches and putting on sunscreen for CAMP. Lets face it by the time I take them the family to Wonderland or Ontario Place, I’ve wasted so much money, I should just of sent them to camp. It’s a lose-lose situation.

I also found myself hoping the kids would hook up with friends who have cottages. The May 24 long weekend came around and whoever was left in town was the loser without the cottage just like us. Not to mention getting the time off work to go the cottage.

If it were a perfect world we would all get the summer off. Everything would just shut down and we could all throw up our work pencils on June 29 and leave screaming with joy.