balancing life with humour

We’re Jugglers and the 1st ball to drop is usually our own

Kate has the unique ability to find humour in any situation and to offer creative solutions to defuse the frustrations in the home and workplace. Kate’s generous insight and outspoken character, provides a powerful combination to help organizations empower their staff with effective tools for managing stress and sustaining motivation.

Between our jobs, home, relationships with family, friends and co-workers learning how to balance our busy life demands a strong sense of Personal Development and most importantly a Sense of Humour. It’s not about the next best joke it’s about lightening up and not taking ourselves so seriously and bring that to every area of our lives.

People, who attend Kate’s “Balancing Life with Humour” lecture, leave with an understanding of practical techniques for refueling, rediscovering and reengaging their true selves. Learning to use humour as an instrument of communication creates an atmosphere of compassion, caring and productivity.


We want the fastest most stable connection possible in all areas of our lives

In Kate’s “Connectivity,” keynote she shows the audience how to establish, cultivate, and keep connections that lead to productivity and success both in business and our personal lives. Whether it’s a CEO connecting with their staff, a client connecting with their customer, or departments connecting with other departments, good communication and rapport within an organization is the source of a flow that leads to creativity, quick resolutions, and a deeper understanding among staff of the overall business purpose. Staying connected to colleagues keeps things on track and is one of the most important elements to an organization’s success.


A Journey about resilience and perseverance

Kate’s Keynote “Out of My Mind…Back In Five” explores techniques of managing our mental health and gives practical ways of staying healthy and positive even through the toughest times.  Kate’s inspiring, humorous and sometimes touching stories takes us on a journey about resilience and perseverance. How she found comedy and how it helped her discover self-worth, confidence and to fight the negativity in her own mind that was keeping her from living the life she deserved. 

“Back In Five” explores the way we feel about ourselves and others, as well as our ability to manage our feelings and deal with everyday difficulties both at work and home. 

From practical methods like how mindfulness can help us achieve self-awareness that has to power to affect all areas of our lives in a positive manner. Learning one-minute stress strategies that you can do at the office or home or breaking up the monotony with Rejuvenation 101 (That’s a long list). To the methods available to us for taking charge of our own mental health including: How we think about ourselves, being grateful, being in the present, sleep, diet, exercise to name a few. All these methods can ultimately boost our mood, build resilience and add to our overall enjoyment of life.

Audiences leave this keynote with the feeling that knowledge is power and that we all play a role in our mental health.


Your Leisure Time Should not be Folding Laundry

This lecture/workshop gives parents, caregivers, educators, social service providers the tools to help defuse the chaos and stress of their lives through humour. Kate helps them to remember themselves, accept where they are and not feeling guilty about where they are not. It combines stand-up comedy with practical techniques to raise children.

“Fun cancels out stress and brings everyone into the moment.” This is the recipe for a healthy relationship when it comes to raising our children. Everything changes when we become parents, I think the show “Survivor” shouldn’t take place on an island but a new parents’ home. It’s challenging not losing yourself in the process but with a few techniques like being more playful and using your intuition, life can be more joyful and relaxing.

Discover the different ways that men and women deal with stress, techniques of dealing with sibling fighting and how to truly take care of yourself so you are able to be more present to the life you are living now.

This lecture blends techniques of improvisation, visualization and affirmations. Parenting is a great lesson in letting go. You give birth, you let go. You nurse, you stop, you let go. They start school you, let go. They move out, you let go. That lesson of “Letting Go” is way easier with you in tacked.

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