The Breastfeeding Diaries

The Breastfeeding Diaries



A hilarious compilation of true stories from mothers about breastfeeding moments gone-awry. Moms can identify with these stories about inadvertent leaking, squirting, flashing, and other embarrassing-but-funny moments. “Funny Mommy” Kate Davis (TBD—and other comedians on the circuit) adds a comedic element to the book by sharing her own personal stories of breastfeeding and how she implements them into her stand-up routine. Some of the intriguing, amusing, and slightly embarrassing stories include;

* A nursing mom who got busted by a State Trooper for breast pumping on the Interstate

* A group of nursing moms who were mistaken for an “art installation” at a museum

* A corporate mom who inadvertently broadcasted a breast-pumping session to a corporate branch office via     videoconferencing

* A sleeping mom who “breastfed” her husband’s elbow at two in the morning

* A mom who inadvertently added “cream” to her mother-in-law’s coffee–from across the table (unfortunately, the mother-in-law liked her coffee black!)

* Plus a story about a mom in a supermarket with a “leaking” problem that’s not what you expect

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