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Humor in the C-suite

Welcome to my podcast Humor in the C-Suite where I interview leaders, executives and business owners on how they use humor and levity to create an extraordinary work culture. I want to ask the questions that we all want answers to like… Does humor help us or harm us at work? Does humor change our perception of a problem? And how do our leaders use humor to inspire curiosity, success and innovation. I want to be a fly in their chardonnay, I mean a fly on their wall. Honestly, I’m as curious as you are…So join me and a guest every week for Humor in the C-Suite

Humor in the C-Suite

Allan Ebedes – Building Repour

Allan Ebedes is the president and CEO of Excellence Canada, an organization dedicated to helping other organizations achieve excellence in various domains such as performance, human resources, and mental health.

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Dan Macqueen – Baby Steps

Dan MacQueen is a motivational speaker, brain injury survivor, and world traveler. Known for his compelling storytelling and authentic speaking style, Dan has inspired many by sharing the lessons he learned during his recovery from a life-threatening brain hemorrhage.

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Lydia Sullivan- You Gotta Play to Win

Lydia Sullivan is the Vice President of Operations at the Society for Information Management (SIM). With over 15 years of experience in nonprofit management, she has dedicated 10 of those years to association management.

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Allen Grinberg: Be the Spark

Allen Grinberg began his career in commercial real estate with a focus on helping corporations save money. Over his 26 years, he has worked with a range of companies from rapidly growing start-ups to some of the country’s most respected brands.

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Danny Goldberg: Food and Laughter

In this episode you’ll hear from Danny Goldberg, an acclaimed speaker and entrepreneur who founded a manufacturing business at a young age. And how he used humor to connect with factory owners and clients in China by being curious about their culture and food.

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Paula Girotti

Paola Girotti: The Disarming Effect of Humor

In this episode, Paola Girotti, the founder of Sugar Moon, about her journey in revolutionizing the hair removal and beauty industry. They discuss the importance of humor in leadership, creating a positive work environment, and navigating challenges with levity.

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