Brittanny Kreutzer- Anything in my Teeth?

The Power of Humor in Leadership: Insights from Brittanny Kreutzer


In this episode, host Kate Davis interviews Brittanny Kreutzer, co-founder of the Speaker Exchange Agency. Brittanny shares her journey in the speaking industry, from interning at a speaker’s bureau in college to working in radio sales before returning to the speaking industry. She emphasizes the importance of humor in the workplace and how it can create a positive and enjoyable environment. Brittanny also discusses the role of humor in leadership and collaboration, as well as its impact on client relationships. Throughout the conversation, Brittanny’s infectious energy and light-heartedness shine through, making for an engaging and entertaining discussion. 

Key Takeaways: 

    • Humor in the workplace can create a positive and enjoyable environment, leading to increased productivity and stronger relationships. 
  • Leaders who use humor can set a tone of openness and create a space where employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and being themselves. 
  • Incorporating humor into client interactions can help build rapport and strengthen relationships. 
  • Finding joy and laughter throughout the day can improve overall well-being and make work more enjoyable. 
  • It’s important to read the room and be aware of when humor is appropriate and when it may not be well-received. 

Notable Quotes:

  • “If you can throw an idea out there that’s so terrible and then laugh at it, then someone else isn’t scared to throw an idea out there too.”

  • “Humor is human. It breaks down barriers and walls, allowing for more open and creative collaboration.”


To listen to the full episode and gain more insights from Brittanny Kreutzer on the importance of humor in the workplace and the speaking industry, tune in to the podcast. Stay tuned for more enlightening content from Humor in the C-Suite.

The Art of Levity: Using Humor to Break Down Barriers and Foster Collaboration


In this article, we will explore the power of humor in leadership based on a conversation with Brittanny Kruezner, co-founder of the Speaker Exchange Agency. Brittanny shares her experiences in the speaking industry and how humor has played a crucial role in her leadership style. From using humor to build relationships with clients and colleagues to creating a positive work environment, Brittanny exemplifies the benefits of incorporating humor into leadership.  

Embracing Humor in Leadership 

Brittanny emphasizes the importance of incorporating humor into leadership. She believes that leaders who can laugh at themselves and create a lighthearted work environment are more likely to build strong relationships with their team members. By setting a tone of levity and openness, leaders can encourage their employees to feel comfortable sharing ideas and collaborating. Brittanny’s own experiences demonstrate the positive impact of humor in leadership.  

The Benefits of a Positive Work Environment 

Brittanny believes that a positive work environment is essential for employee satisfaction and productivity. By infusing humor into the workplace, leaders can create an atmosphere where employees enjoy coming to work and feel motivated to perform their best. Brittanny and her team at the Speaker Exchange Agency prioritize team building activities and find ways to inject humor into their daily interactions. This not only strengthens their relationships but also enhances their overall performance as a team. 

Using Humor to Connect with Clients 

In the speaking industry, building strong relationships with clients is crucial. Brittanny understands the power of humor in connecting with clients and making the experience enjoyable for both parties. By bringing humor into her conversations and interactions with clients, she creates a positive and memorable experience. This not only strengthens the client relationship but also sets the stage for successful collaborations and future business opportunities. 

The Fine Line of Humor 

While humor can be a powerful tool, Brittanny acknowledges the importance of being mindful of individual preferences and sensitivities. Not everyone may appreciate the same type of humor, and it’s essential to read the room and adjust accordingly. Brittanny advises leaders to be aware of their audience and to be open to feedback if someone feels offended or uncomfortable. By maintaining a balance and being sensitive to others’ boundaries, leaders can ensure that humor is used in a positive and inclusive manner. 


In conclusion, humor plays a significant role in leadership, as demonstrated by Brittanny Kruezner’s experiences in the speaking industry. By embracing humor, leaders can create a positive work environment, build stronger relationships with their team and clients, and foster creativity and collaboration. However, it is essential to be mindful of individual preferences and sensitivities to ensure that humor is used in a respectful and inclusive manner. Ultimately, incorporating humor into leadership can lead to happier employees, stronger relationships, and increased productivity. 


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