Paola Girotti: The Disarming Effect of Humor

Paula Girotti

In this episode, Paola Girotti, the founder of Sugar Moon, about her journey in revolutionizing the hair removal and beauty industry. They discuss the importance of humor in leadership, creating a positive work environment, and navigating challenges with levity.

Todd Hirsch: The Role of Humor in Corporate Environments

Todd Hirsch - Humor in the C-Suite

In this episode Todd shares examples from his career in economics where he used humor and self-deprecating jokes to make complex topics more accessible and connect with audiences. Emphases on reading the room and adjusting his tone based on the context.

Oskhar Pineda: The Lateral Relationship

Oskhar Pineda

In this episode, you will hear how Oskhar Pineda uses humor in leadership, he shares some of his favorite jokes, including a circus-themed joke and one about a preacher.