When Kids Ask Big Philosophical Questions

Kids are unknowingly Zen Masters. They teach us patience with their Why? Why? Why? They say profound things that make you question your very existence or inspire you. My Daughter once said to me when she was about 7. “What if life is a dream and what if what we dream is real.” I didn’t know what to say to that other than to distract her with candy and a trip to the park. . Its not so much their questions that stump you it’s their observations … [Read more...]

The Show

So there I am back at work nine weeks after I had given birth to my beautiful (you always have to throw in that adjective even if your baby is ugly) baby girl. I was doing a standup comedy show out of town and when I say out of town I think it was more like a village. I had prepared myself the best I could, by that I mean I had put on a good bra and nursing pads. When I breast feed I was more like a Guinness tap in an Irish bar on Saint Paddy’s … [Read more...]

Kids addicted to TV

When we were kids we would wake up early Saturday morning, head for the kitchen cupboard, pour ourselves a large bowl of cereal and sit in front of the TV for Saturday morning cartoons after a week long wait. Sure we had stuff after school, Commander Tom and after school specials. At lunchtime we would always watch the Flintstones but the rest of the time we would play. Now a day there is 24 hour a day channels just for kids. If I hear the … [Read more...]

Accepting Where you Are

When I first found out I would be writing this column, what came to my mind immediately was Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex In The City” and that I would have to buy some new shoes. I should start by introducing myself. I’m a mother of three; I have a 12, 11 and 6 year old and I am a stand-up comic. My first 2 kids are only 15 months apart and the third came 5 years later, I didn’t wait 5 years on purpose I was just too tired to have sex. After … [Read more...]

Kids and Pets

My daughter was six when she really started wanting her own pets. We had had a cat for years but it was too independent to be called her own. Christmas was around the corner and her mission to convince me that I either get her hamsters or she might die was bestowed upon me. I was apprehensive as I knew I would be the one probably taking care of them once the novelty wore off and honestly they gave me the creeps, I’m a dog or cat kind of women. … [Read more...]


I need more sleep! Got to get more sleep! I didn’t get enough sleep. How can I get more sleep?! How much sleep did you get? I sound more like a drug addict than a parent! Yet getting kids to go and stay in bed is a challenge at the best of times, they’re excited about life and don’t want to miss a moment. Yet it really is the only time parents get to themselves and we cherish these rare moments, or if you are like me you use this time to clean … [Read more...]